Diet and Exercise: How Your Dog Can Thrive 


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Diet and Exercise: How Your Dog Can Thrive 

Dogs have it made. They have food served to them, nap whenever they want, and get unlimited head scratches. It’s safe to say that many dogs live a pretty good life, but is your dog living his best life? A happy hound isn’t necessarily a healthy hound, but with the proper diet and exercise routine, you can ensure your dog will thrive! 

Balanced Diet 

As a dog owner, you love spoiling your dog, and table scraps may seem like a great way to indulge him. Before you toss him your leftovers, make sure you aren’t feeding him something with a known toxicity to dogs. In addition to being toxic, when it comes to human food, many vets report seeing dogs who are obese or experiencing uncomfortable symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, and pancreatitis. The general consensus is that human food is not meant for your dog, but if you absolutely must give him a treat, stick to healthier options such as a scoop of peanut butter or an apple slice.  

Make sure your dog’s regular food contains all the essential ingredients to keep him healthy and strong such as protein, fat, carbs, vitamins, and minerals. The dog food aisle can be a little overwhelming with the large variety of options, so ask your vet if you aren’t sure to guarantee your dog is getting the right nutrition for his age and size. Don’t forget about the importance of water, too. It makes up as much as 70 percent of your dog’s body, so provide constant access to clean, fresh water. 

Exercise Routine 

It doesn’t matter if your dog has the most epic backyard on the block, letting him outside to potty and play doesn’t meet your dog’s daily exercise requirement. It might not seem that important, but exercise keeps your dog fit and channels all that built-up energy into positive activities rather than destructive behavior like chewing, digging, and barking. The best part about incorporating more exercise into your dog’s life is that there are so many options.  

Head over to the local dog park and set up an agility course, play fetch, or even just chase each other around. This is also a great place to encourage social play with other dogs, but keep your dog’s safety and that of others at the forefront of your mind at all times by keeping a watchful eye, especially since your dog will be off leash. As part of your daily exercise routine, include 10 to 15 minutes of training to exercise the brain and maintain your control in all situations, whether at the dog park, on a hiking trail, or on a walk around the block. 

Pawblem Solved 

It’s easy to keep your dog on track when you are with him, but work and life mean time spent apart. For those days when you need an extra set of hands, bring in the team at Pawblem Solved to give your dog a walk and plenty of love. Plus, all services include a food and water refill, so you can rest assured that your dog isn’t running on empty and is in good hands. When owner Danielle Jaffy was asked about the most rewarding part of working with dogs, she had a hard time pinpointing one specific thing. “There’s too much to love. But since I have to pick just one rewarding aspect, I would pick the fact that I can walk into the room, and they are always so over-the-top excited to see me,” Jaffy said. “I definitely don’t get that same reaction working with people!” Having a fellow dog lover care for your dog is the peace of mind you need. 

When it comes to a healthy dog, nutrition and exercise are key. Once you get a routine going, you’ll find it’s much easier to keep your dog on track. Plus, with a professional dog walker as an option, there’s no reason why your dog’s tail shouldn’t be wagging.  

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A Few Of My Favorite Pet Products

After over 8 years of running a pet sitting & dog walking business (& being surrounded by animals my entire life), I have narrowed down some of my favorite animal-related items.


Stella & Chewy Freeze Dry Food: My cats have been doing ahhhmazing on Stella & Chewy’s freeze dry food. They have been little balls of fire! Because they don’t like the texture of the freeze-dry food alone, I crumble them into the BFF Packets & they’ve been loving that combination. I keep it simple with chicken & turkey flavors, and I can’t remember the last time they vomited?! Obviously you’ll want to consult your vet about any nutrition recc’s and amounts. What works for my kitties, may not work for yours! Also, I only have experience with their cat food, so if you have any comments regarding their dog food, would love to hear in the comment section!

Pioneer Pet Fountains: I have found my cats drink alot more water out of a fountain. I love the Pioneer Pet Ceramic Fountains. I will admit it’s a pain in the butt to clean, and it’s a little noisy, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Go Cat Da Bee Chaser: Cats go CRAZY over this toy! I mean run up walls crazy. And you can even kill two birds (or bees!) with one stone, by running around with them… because they will expect you to run around with them. Just be sure to keep a close eye on them during playtime – they will destroy & conquer.

Slicker Brush: I have tried dozen’s of brush’s for my long-haired cats. None have worked quite as well as a simple slicker brush, with stainless steel pins. They do get brushed daily, and they love it.


Freedom No-Pull Harness: I love this harness. You have the option to clip the leash to the chest area or back. I have never had a pup pull enough to where I needed to clip onto both, but you have that option as well. What I really love about the harness is the velvet lined strap. I do like the Wonder Walker as well, but love the sturdiness of the Freedom Harness.

Pawfectly Adorable: Reversible & customizable dog jackets. You send your dogs measurements, and you get to choose two fabrics & patterns. They are super duper cute, too! How fun is that?! I love these because they fit the pups perfectly, truly keep them warm and dry on cold, rainy days (we get a few of those in Seattle), but the best part is, some of the profits go towards rescues. Yes!

Kongs: Do you have a puppy that won’t go into his crate? Stick some peanut butter into a Kong, and freeze that bad boy. Place it in his crate… Works like a charm!

My AlphaPet Dog Poop Bags: I pick up alot of poop. I have purchased alot of poop bags. These are definitely my favorites. No leaks, no odors, easy to open, large & environmentally friendly. I got really excited about these! =D (Life of a dog walker.)

If you have any favorite pet products, please mention them in the comments section! I am always looking for recommendations & love to share them with my team, clients and family!

We Need Bees & Bees Need Us

Did you know bees are among the most important insects on the planet?

Without bees to pollinate certain crops, they wouldn’t survive. Can you imagine life without apples, peaches, strawberries, onions, avocados, carrots, almonds? The list goes on and on. These diligent little pollinators make it possible for many of our favorite foods to reach our tables.

Bees also pollinate flowers, encouraging growth, which helps to provide habitats for other insects and animals.

Bees keep our economy buzzing!

According to Honey Love Urban Beekeepers –

  • Bees pollinate 80% of the world’s plants including 90 different food crops.
  • 1 out of every 3 or 4 bites of food you eat is thanks to bees.
  • The honey bee is responsible for $15 billion in U.S. agricultural crops each year.

Yikes!! We need bees.

But they are disappearing at an alarming rate due to Global Warming, habitat loss, such as agriculture & urban development, and pollution & pesticides.

Bees really need our help to thrive & I encourage you to take action –

Understand the importance of bees, and be kind. We need them. 

Kelsey Gray Photography

Kelsey Gray Photography


Hiring Redmond, WA Area Pet Lovers!

Pawblem Solved is hiring for a Pet Nanny and Dog Walker. You’ll be paid to give love to the cutest cats and dogs on the Eastside. Even if you’ve never considered pet sitting in your future before, take a look at all the benefits of this enjoyable and rewarding job.

  • Starting rate of $11 per 30 minute walk/visit (1 hour visits net you $22).
  • Holiday pay.
  • Reimbursement for gas.
  • You set your schedule and decide which jobs to take on.
  • Bonuses based on team member’s commitment, enthusiasm and hard-work.
  • Working for a small company which values providing the very best care for pets and their humans above all else.
  • Mentoring and training on the finer points of pet nanny services and dog walking.
  • Fun, stress-free work environment, with a supportive, family-like team.

What We Are Looking For:

  • Someone interested in part-time, mid-day (11am-3pm), weekly work, with occasional weekends, mornings & evenings; averaging 5-15 hours per week.
  • Someone living in the Redmond, Bellevue, or Kirkland area. Hiring specifically to take on Redmond pets at this time.
  • Clean criminal record.
  • A person who doesn’t mind a little rain with their day.
  • A trusty vehicle for getting around.
  • Lastly, you should label yourself as a true animal lover.

About Us:

Pawblem Solved is a small, reputable business, which looks to provide amazing service to the pets of the Bellevue, Redmond and Kirkland areas. We offer 30 minute Monday through Friday leashed dog walks for those pet owners that work long days and can’t get home to their pups, as well as 30 minute pet-sitting visits. We focus on healthy and happy pets that are absolutely impossible to resist. To see our team, visit our webpage at

To Apply, Please Email:

  • Resume.
  • Contact information including; phone number and home address.
  • Cover letter describing your experience(s) with animals and any other distinguished information that sets you apart from other candidates.

Contact Info:

The Realities of Climate Change & What You Can Do To Help


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According to NASA; “The current warming trend is of particular significance because most of it is very likely human-induced and proceeding at a rate that is unprecedented in the past 1,300 years.” 

Climate change is real, and it should be taken very seriously. The Earth’s average temperature is increasing faster than ever before. This paramount change effects everyone, and everything on the planet – humans, animals, forests, oceans. Sea levels are rising, oceans are becoming warmer, plant and animal species are dying.

To put it simply; with too many greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide), the Earth would heat up beyond survivable levels. Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air due to your personal needs; transportation, electricity, food, clothing, and other goods.

To protect what we have left, we must immediately take action.


Kelsey Gray Photography

There are things each and everyone of us can do to slow down the process, and help reduce the problem.  

  • Educate yourself, and others on this subject.
  • Vote for candidates that don’t plan to destroy Earth. Candidates who are against coal ash, fracking and pesticides. These not only hurt the planet we live on, but us, as individuals. “Polluter profits cannot triumph over public health:” Check out Earth Justice for ways to help:
  • Unplug. Turn off your electronics when not in use; computers, lights, TV’s, wash clothes in cold or warm water vs hot, and hang some of your clothes to dry.
  • Buy organic and locally grown foods, or better yet, grow some of your own food. Make several of your meals meat & dairy-free. 18% of green house gas emissions come from meat & dairy production.
  • Walk, ride your bike or take transit, instead of driving a car.
  • Purchase solar panels for your home. Efficient solar panel systems create electricity without producing global warming pollution.
  • Part of the problem is deforestation, as trees help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by absorbing CO2 & other pollutants. Plant, plant, plant! OR donate to an organization that is devoted to increasing our forests: The Nature Conservancy.

I have already started implementing many of these, and I look forward to planting trees and building a vegetable garden this spring with my daughter.

What will you do to help?

For more facts regarding climate change, check out NASA’s Climate Change FAQ’s.



Kelsey Gray Photography

We Ran, We Conquered.

On Saturday, September 17th 2016, my daughter, Olivia, & I ran through the finish line for Old Dog Haven. We raised $2000 (doubling our goal), with a matching donation from Salesforce, for a total donation of $4000!

This was such a great experience for Olivia & I, and I highly encourage everyone to do something, get involved, make a difference.. Be a part of your community. We are already thinking about what to do next. 😉

Thank you, so much, to those that donated and supported us! The money will do great things for the senior dogs.


Fundraiser for Old Dog Haven


We are one week away from our 1/2 marathon race, for Old Dog Haven. The forecast says sunny & 79 degrees for the Beat the Blerch Run. I guess we’re still a week away, but that’s promising!

Oli and I have raised $1775 for the seniors; $225 from doubling our goal. Woot woot!

We will be taking donations until the race date of Saturday, September 17th, and any small or large amount is very much appreciated! Every penny goes towards ODH.


I’m very excited to show off my shirt on race day!

Wish me luck!
~ Danielle & Oli