Fundraiser for Old Dog Haven


We are one week away from our 1/2 marathon race, for Old Dog Haven. The forecast says sunny & 79 degrees for the Beat the Blerch Run. I guess we’re still a week away, but that’s promising!

Oli and I have raised $1775 for the seniors; $225 from doubling our goal. Woot woot!

We will be taking donations until the race date of Saturday, September 17th, and any small or large amount is very much appreciated! Every penny goes towards ODH.


I’m very excited to show off my shirt on race day!

Wish me luck!
~ Danielle & Oli



Running With Oli for Old Dog Haven

I have a passion for animals. My bucket list is filled with animal-related activities, events & goals; one of them being; “run a charity race for an animal rescue.”

There is no better time to start than the present. So I will be running the Beat The Blerch Half Marathon for Old Dog Haven, with my 14 month old daughter training by my side.

My goal is to raise $1000 by my marathon date of Saturday, September 17, 2016.

There is one rule; I cannot run the race, and my daughter cannot watch me zoom (or crawl!) past the finish line, UNLESS I reach my goal!

100% of the money we raise will go directly to Old Dog Haven.


Why Old Dog Haven?
I have many family & friends who have senior pets and I know the cost, time & energy that goes into caring for these senior citizens. It is organizations like Old Dog Haven that help give homeless senior dogs a place to live, a warm bed to lay on, and the medical care they need to live out the rest of their lives.

FROM ODH: Old Dog Haven is a foster-based rescue for senior dogs in Western Washington. We take in dogs 8 years and older, place them in safe, loving homes and provide all veterinary care necessary to restore the dog to health and an optimal quality of life. Priority is given to pulling dogs from shelters and those in hospice condition, but we also assist owners and shelters with finding appropriate homes for their adoptable senior dogs. The majority of ODH dogs are not adoptable and will live with their foster families for life as Final Refuge fosters. We currently have around 300 dogs in care and veterinary expenses run approximately $80K per month. Helping them is sometimes challenging, often expensive, but always rewarding. Our goal is that their last years are happy and that they die safe and at peace, knowing they are loved.

As our veterinary clinics are spread throughout Western Washington and some offer discounts to us, these are averages for what donations will cover. A large portion of our veterinary expenses come from complex surgeries at specialty centers which can run several thousands of dollars.

– $1,000 – Dental cleaning with extraction of painful teeth
– $500 – Cardiology exam with echocardiogram
– $250 – Full set of geriatric laboratory tests
– $100 – X-rays to check for arthritis and spinal conditions
– $25 – One month supply of joint supplements for a large breed dog

Please check out the links below for more ODH Info: 

– Website:
– Final Refuge (permanent foster) dogs: Final Refuge
– Adoptable ODH dogs: Adoptable Dogs
– Adoptable dogs courtesy cross-posted for others (owners or shelters that want to adopt out the dog themselves): More Adoptable Dogs


THANK YOU: To those that have already donated & to those that will be donating. We truly appreciate it & are so excited to be able to help such a great cause!


Canine Influenza is a Possibility in King County

Several Dogs in a Kent Kennel were recently diagnosed with canine influenza. This is a highly contagious virus, and though it’s not particularly deadly, it could lead to more severe issues, such as  pneumonia.

It is recommended, at this time, to keep your pups away from dog parks, boarding facilities, and doggy daycare’s.

Just like humans, be on the look-out for coughing, runny nose, fever, and lethargy. If you feel like your pup isn’t acting like himself, be sure to have him checked-out by a veterinarian ASAP.

For more information regarding this, take a look at the Public Health Insider.

Hot Weather Tips for Pets

Just thought I would share a few pointers regarding pet care during the summer months –

  • Never leave your dog in the car. On an 85-degree day, for example, the temperature inside a car with the windows slightly opened can reach 102 degrees within 10 minutes.
  • Always have fresh, cool water available. Dogs love ice cubes!
  • Using fans and keeping your curtains closed can help keep the cool air inside.
  • Limit exercise, find shady areas, and walk with caution.

o   If it seems warm during our mid-day walks, we’ll be sure to take it easy – nothing too strenuous, and head inside if it’s too much. Playtime can always happen inside as well!

  • Cool your pets off with water! I often do this with the pups on warm days. I just run a towel under cold water, and wipe them down.
  • Asphalt can get super-hot, so keep them on grass or dirt as much as possible, and don’t let them linger on the cement for long. You can always check it with your hands. If it’s hot on your hands, it’s too hot for their paws!
  • Last, but not least, know the warning signs of overheating: excessive panting, difficulty breathing, increased heart & respiratory rate, drooling, mild weakness, etc., and don’t hesitate to take them to the vet if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Stay safe, stay cool and happy trails!


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A Letter to My Rescued Kitty, Who Left Me Too Soon.

:: Cherish every moment you have with your loved ones, because you never know when you might lose them. ::

Dear Gracie,

I remember the first time I saw you. It was love at first site. I think you felt the same, as you didn’t struggle to get out of my arms when I picked you up. You were the sweetest little girl I had ever seen; four milk-dipped paws, the silkiest fur I had ever felt, the face of a little angel. Right from the start, I knew we were meant to be together. Day at the Park 002

Yes, the beginning of our relationship was a little rocky. Your previous adopter, who not only thought you were a boy, but also named you ‘Saden,’ didn’t love you the way you needed to be loved. So I don’t blame you for acting out and leaving presents on her bed… As a matter of fact, I would have done the same exact thing.

Though I had to wash my sheets several times, I refused to give up, because I knew you would begin to trust me. All you needed was patience, protection and love; something every little furry creature deserves. Within a few weeks, you decided I wasn’t so bad, and in no time, you were sleeping across my belly every single night. Presents on the sheets were a thing of the past.

Our bond grew stronger and stronger. You became my constant, my best friend and offered me unconditional love. I loved coming home each day to give you a squeeze and see your little face – you were my joy. My boyfriend at the time (now my husband), was convinced that I loved you more than him, because I would make him move over so that you had plenty of space to sprawl out on the bed… or couch… or floor… or wherever we all may be sitting. I was always concerned about your comfort and happiness. Next to me was where you wanted to be, and I felt the same way.

Each day got a little easier between you and me, and before we knew it, our life together became second-nature.

Our evening ritual consisted of 60 minutes of brushing, loving and suppertime, where you would be prepared with several meow’s to let me know you were ready for your dinner. I would call out your meal each night, and I know it was your way of saying; “that sounds perfect!” The best part of the evening though was getting to snuggle with you.

photo (7)Even though you woke me up each morning with a loud ROAR in my face, I adored it because it was your way of reminding me that you were there. You would follow me all over the house, joining me for yoga, work time, making beds or folding clothes … my true companion and greatest comfort. When I was sad, you somehow always knew how to cheer me up. You were amazing at that.

My favorite time with you though was nap time! Gosh, we both loved it, didn’t we?! I would hop up on our huge white couch, pull the fuzzy blanket over me, and you would snuggle in my arm underneath the blanket, kneading me and purring, until we both fell fast asleep. Life was perfect with you.

My evenings are now quiet, the house is very lonely, and I have a hard time taking naps. I am working on my happiness, because I know you wouldn’t want me to be sad. I hear time heals all wounds, and so I’m really counting on that.

I lost you too soon, but I hope you know that I love you so much. You will always be a part of me, and I will never, never forget you, or the memories that we had together.

I love you so much Gracie Girl.

Your mom,

~ Danielle

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Unique Holiday Gifts for the Animal Lover’s in Your Life!

Welcome to December!

If you’re looking for something different to give your animal-loving family or friends, check out these great ideas…



  • Sponsor a pet at a homeless shelter. Petfinder is just one organization that offers this program. You can either give a monetary donation, or you can make your donation recurring each month.
  • The World Wildlife Fund has a program for you to adopt a wild species. They offer everything from Gift Adoption Cards, to Adoption of the Month Club.
  • If you’re wondering what to get the little ones, I’m sure they would love a trip to the zoo! December is often the best time to go, as many zoo’s offer holiday events, such as Zoolights! It’s a great way to educate and support zoo research.
  • Short on cash this year? Offer to volunteer at your local animal shelter with your family member or friend. Animal shelters always need help, and the holidays are one of the busiest times for them.
  • Animal shelters are constantly overloaded with animals, and are always in need of foster families. You can surprise your children with a “temporary” home for an animal in need. You would be the shelter for your foster pet, as you try to find them their forever home. I have fostered, and it’s an amazing and rewarding experience!
  • Santa Photos are fun! If you ever care for your friends pups, you can take them to have photos with Santa. Many of the photographers give part of their proceeds to shelters, which is always a nice bonus!


Above All, Have fun, and Make it a Great New Year!

What to Do And Who to Contact If You See A Dog in a Hot Car.

So I was just at the Redmond Town Center & found a dog inside a parked car. There was one window cracked open less than an inch. The rest were completely shut.

The poor Golden was panting really badly. I felt terrible! I know how miserably hot it was in my car. Owners were gone for atleast 10 minutes, as I stood around waiting for them to return.  I explained to them how hot it gets inside the car & leaving him like that could result in heatstroke & possibly death. In return, the wife put her hand up & said “we don’t need a lecture.”

You bet your bottom dollar I called King County Animal Services. If you are ever in a similar situation, call them ASAP! Do not leave the situation until the owners return or the dispatcher arrives.

~ Get as much information as you can: license plate #, color/make of car.
~ Take pictures.
~ Owner & dog information.

If you live in King County, make sure you plug this phone number into your phone: 206-296-7387. They’ll get a dispatcher out right away &/or write a letter to them educating them about the situation.

For those that live outside of King County, do a search to find a number you can call ahead of time, so that you’re prepared if you’re ever in that situation.


Looking for Volunteers for Teen Cancer America – Seattle Marathon

I don’t usually post non-animal related stuff on my blog, however my wonderful team member, Joan, is doing something great for the community & is looking for some volunteers to help her out…

I am reaching out to all of my Facebook friends to volunteer with me for Teen Cancer America (TCA). TCA is considering in taking part in the Seattle Marathon. In order to do that we must commit to having 30 volunteers to work there that morning. The date is December 1st, the Sunday after Thanksgiving. If you know now that you would be available to help, or know people that could, please let me know.

TCA is a charity devoted to improving the lives of teenagers & young adults with cancer. They partner with hospitals to create youth-oriented centers for those receiving treatment. These units provide peer support and interaction while receiving treatment at in-patient & out-patient clinics.

If interested, you can reach Joan via email:

For more details, check out the Teen Cancer America website!

Pawblem Solved is Hiring for Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers!

Pawblem Solved is hiring for a new Pet Nanny and Dog Walker. You’ll be paid to give love to the cutest cats and dogs on the Eastside. Even if you’ve never considered pet sitting in your future before, take a look at all the benefits of this amazing and rewarding job.

  • Starting rate of $10 per 30 minute walk/visit. (1 hour walks net you $20)
  • Reimbursement for gas.
  • You set your schedule and decide which jobs to take on.
  • Bonuses based on team member’s commitment, enthusiasm and hard-work.
  • Working for a small company which values providing the very best care for pets and their humans above all else.
  • Mentoring and training on the finer points of pet nanny services and dog walking.
  • Lots of fun coffee dates and team events.

What We Are Looking For:

  • Someone living in the Bellevue, Redmond or Kirkland area.
  • Clean criminal record.
  • A person who doesn’t mind a little rain with their day.
  • A trusty vehicle for getting around.
  • Lastly, you should label yourself as a true animal lover.

About Us:

We are a small company that looks to provide amazing service to the pets of the Bellevue, Redmond and Kirkland area. We focus on healthy and happy pets that are absolutely impossible to resist. To see our team, visit our webpage at


To Apply, Please Email your Cover Letter and Resume to, and Include:

  • Your experience(s) with animals and any other distinguished information that sets you apart from other candidates.