A Few Of My Favorite Pet Products

After over 8 years of running a pet sitting & dog walking business (& being surrounded by animals my entire life), I have narrowed down some of my favorite animal-related items.


Stella & Chewy Freeze Dry Food: My cats have been doing ahhhmazing on Stella & Chewy’s freeze dry food. They have been little balls of fire! Because they don’t like the texture of the freeze-dry food alone, I crumble them into the BFF Packets & they’ve been loving that combination. I keep it simple with chicken & turkey flavors, and I can’t remember the last time they vomited?! Obviously you’ll want to consult your vet about any nutrition recc’s and amounts. What works for my kitties, may not work for yours! Also, I only have experience with their cat food, so if you have any comments regarding their dog food, would love to hear in the comment section!

Pioneer Pet Fountains: I have found my cats drink alot more water out of a fountain. I love the Pioneer Pet Ceramic Fountains. I will admit it’s a pain in the butt to clean, and it’s a little noisy, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Go Cat Da Bee Chaser: Cats go CRAZY over this toy! I mean run up walls crazy. And you can even kill two birds (or bees!) with one stone, by running around with them… because they will expect you to run around with them. Just be sure to keep a close eye on them during playtime – they will destroy & conquer.

Slicker Brush: I have tried dozen’s of brush’s for my long-haired cats. None have worked quite as well as a simple slicker brush, with stainless steel pins. They do get brushed daily, and they love it.


Freedom No-Pull Harness: I love this harness. You have the option to clip the leash to the chest area or back. I have never had a pup pull enough to where I needed to clip onto both, but you have that option as well. What I really love about the harness is the velvet lined strap. I do like the Wonder Walker as well, but love the sturdiness of the Freedom Harness.

Pawfectly Adorable: Reversible & customizable dog jackets. You send your dogs measurements, and you get to choose two fabrics & patterns. They are super duper cute, too! How fun is that?! I love these because they fit the pups perfectly, truly keep them warm and dry on cold, rainy days (we get a few of those in Seattle), but the best part is, some of the profits go towards rescues. Yes!

Kongs: Do you have a puppy that won’t go into his crate? Stick some peanut butter into a Kong, and freeze that bad boy. Place it in his crate… Works like a charm!

My AlphaPet Dog Poop Bags: I pick up alot of poop. I have purchased alot of poop bags. These are definitely my favorites. No leaks, no odors, easy to open, large & environmentally friendly. I got really excited about these! =D (Life of a dog walker.)

If you have any favorite pet products, please mention them in the comments section! I am always looking for recommendations & love to share them with my team, clients and family!


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