Thinking of Giving Up Your Pet? My Wish. Your Reality.

My kitty sits on the new cat tree we bought her recently. This one is placed in front of our large window in the living room, so that she can look out, and see what’s happening in the “real-world.” Her world is safe – she has no fears, and no worries. Her biggest worry each day is if she’s going to get her Bonito Flakes for desert. She deserves to have a good life, just as much as any human does.

So many animals are abandoned, given up, or sold on Craigslist each day. How can people be so heartless? How can you give up on a living being that completely and utterly depends on you?

  • Perhaps they peed on your bed… because you never show them love.
  • Perhaps it’s because they shed too much… and you claim to have “allergies.”
  • Perhaps it’s because they have energy… and you don’t. Or because you moved to a small apartment, AFTER you got your large Labrador Retriever.
  • Perhaps it’s because they’re not what you were hoping for… but truth be told, you have a new boyfriend, or girlfriend, and you’ve forgotten all about them.

Any of this sound familiar? It should because The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) estimates that animal shelters care for 6-8 million dogs and cats every year in the United States, of whom approximately 3-4 million are euthanized because of poor excuses like this every. single. day.

My only hope is that people not give up so easily. Find ways to make things work. Animals bring so much joy to lives – see the positive and stop focusing on the negative.  I wish people would look beyond their selfishness, and see the truth – face reality… and that is, there is no such thing as perfection, and you cannot expect that from your pet.

Stop making excuses. Stop giving up so easily. Be a responsible pet owner. Be a respectful human being.


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