Helping Animals in Japan: Disaster in the Pacific

Japan’s Devastating Series of Events –  2011

  • Earthquake: Magnitude of 9.0; ranking as the fifth-largest earthquake in the world since 1900.
  • Massive Tsunami: waves up to 23 feet high, 560 mph.
  • 5 nuclear power plants damaged; 1 has almost reached boiling point.
  • Official death toll: 7000 and rising.

A catastrophic, absolutely devastating disaster. It gives me chills to think about how powerful Mother Nature can be.

If you’re looking for ways to help out the animals affected by this horrible event, please take a look at the following link on

* Here is an updated list of several organizations looking for donations, volunteers and various other resources. *

Any little amount counts!!

Animal Miracle Network


~ The Humane Society

~ American Humane Association

Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support

~ Animal Refuge Kansai

Search Dog Foundation

Please take the time to plan for a disaster and don’t forget to include your pets.


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