Top Reason’s to Keep Your Cat Indoors

This is a subject I feel very strongly about. I’m hoping this list will give you a better understanding of how dangerous it is to leave your cat(s) outdoors. The lifespan of the average outdoor cat is 3 to 4 years, whereas the lifespan for an indoor cat is 12 to 15 years. Given the proper care, your indoor cat could potentially live to 20 years.



~ There is SO much wildlife in the Pacific Northwest, and the chance of your cat getting into a fight (possibly to its’ death), or eaten, is extremely high.



~ Thousands upon thousands of cats get hit by cars each year.

~ As mentioned in my post below, during the cold, winter months, cats seek warmth and shelter. They often find that in the hood of a car. When the car starts, they can’t always get out fast enough.

~ Anti-freeze is toxic to cats and dogs. It only takes a small amount to kill them.



~ As frustrated as I am to say this, animals are often abused by people. It makes me so sad to think about what humans are capable of, and are willing to do. 



~ Three different viruses cats can catch from each other. No cures & all fatal.



~ Cat’s wander. They wander beyond the comforts of their own home and often lose their way. In this case, you may never see them again.



~ People often mistake your pet for a feral cat, and bring them into shelters.


Veterinary Care

~ Because cats are much safer indoors, your vet bills will be substantially lower.  

It’s as simple as this: Don’t leave your cat outside.


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