Home For Life: The Long-Term Animal Sanctuary

On August 21st, 2010, I married the man that I know as my perfect match. I know this because for my wedding gift, he sponsored an English Sheepdog named Stella at a long-term,  animal sanctuary, called; Home For Life. Home For Life provides a safe, stable and loving environment for animals that have been abused, neglected or simply abandoned.  Though a large portion of their animals are special need, they are certainly still capable of living a good, healthy, happy and long life. All they need is some love, attention and support, just as humans do.

Home For Life sends us on-going updates on how my Stella is doing. She seems to be very happy there and doing great.

Just knowing Stella has a safe home, where she won’t be given up or abandoned anymore, makes me so happy. I couldn’t have received a better gift.

If you aren’t able to care for a pet or own more pets, please consider sponsoring one. A life will be saved because of your good deed.

My Sweet Stella!


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