20 Ways to Spoil Your Pets

1. Make homemade treats for them. There are recipes all over the place! For dogs. For Cats.

2. Take your dog to the park. They especially love the off-leash areas!

3. Decide from this day forward, you will give your pets 15 minutes of extra attention every day; whether it’s brushing them, lying next to them, or singing to them. They LOVE your attention. Additional bonus: it’s good for your blood pressure!

4. Throw a ball for them in the house or get them a fun, new toy to play with – My kitty loves her moving box.

5. Brush them! Oooh, does my cat love to be brushed!

6. If it’s cold outside, get your pup a little sweater.

7. If it’s hot outside, be sure they have plenty of cool water, and definitely bring some with you on your walks.

8. Take them with you on a car ride. Have you seen Bolt?

9. Change their food to a high-quality brand. This will give them more energy and help them live a long, healthy, happy life.

10. I’m a little embarrassed to say, my cat actually has her own heating blanket. =)

11. We get massages… why don’t our pets?

12. Give them a little pet pampering at your local pet salon.

13. Let your pup have “play dates” with your neighborhood dogs.

14. Purchase a soft, comfy, large bed for them. You’ll be thankful you did every night when bedtime comes around.

15. When the weather warms up, let them run through the sprinklers.

16. Go for a run or hike with your furry friend. You’ll get your vitamin D, some fresh air, and beneficial brain chemicals flowing through your system. It’s great for you, and your dog!

17. If your pet has to be indoors all day due to your busy work week, hire someone to give them a potty break and a bit of special attention during the middle of the day.

18. Purchase a cat tree and set it by a large window. During the warm, summer months, they’ll love to sprawl out in the heat.

19. Brush your pets’ teeth. Though they may not like it at the time, this should prevent oral disease; a commonly diagnosed problem in pets.

20. Rather than getting upset with your cat about scratching your furniture, make sure your kitty has a scratching post.

~ There are SO many other ways you can spoil your pet! Be creative and remember they give you unconditional love in return.


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