My Animal Rescue Volunteer Experience

Today I volunteered for a few hours at an animal rescue organization, Sara’s Sanctuary.

It was an extremely fun, knowledgeable and fulfilling experience. Sara’s Sanctuary takes on animals that have been injured, abused, and/or need special attention. She has quite the mix of animals, and has set up some really great, protected homes for them.

Emu’s… strange but curious birds. I’ve never had an emu try to mate with me before. Apparently it was mating season, and I was the catch of the day. I’m engaged, and you’re a tab bit hairy for my type. Sorry guys!

Sara’s Sanctuary, along with other animal rescue organizations, could really use your help not only with cleaning, but marketing, photos, events, plumbing, etc. The list goes on and on, so if you have an area that you specialize in, definitely don’t hesitate to contact these organizations. They will welcome you with open arms.


2 thoughts on “My Animal Rescue Volunteer Experience

  1. Animal Lovers,

    I ask all the animal lovers around the area to join our animal rescue forums. Our message board are/is dedicated to discussing everything pet related, but our major emphasis is pet rescue.

    Anyway, thanks for the blog post, it was a good read 🙂

    • Hi Alex,

      Thanks for your comment!

      You’ve got a really great forum, with a lot of good information. Thanks for all your hard work! I’ll be sure to join.

      ~ Danielle

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