Horse Races: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

…took me to my very first horse race. He ACTUALLY was taking me to the hot dog races, but didn’t realize horse races were alternated in between. The hot dog’s were a blast! They put the little dogs in miniature racing fences, blew the horn, and off they went in EVERY direction! LOVED IT!

These pictures are deceiving, as it looks like they actually raced!

The Bad: Once again, this is another highly debated topic. Millions upon millions invest in horse racing, while it has also been a tradition for years and years. Yes, humans are used for entertainment purposes as well, but when they are hurt, they can speak and they can CHOOSE to not participate.

The Ugly: The debate revolves around this – horses are being pushed to race at a very early age, before their bones and ligaments have had time to mature. Many race horses either die each year due to irreversible damage, or are euthanized because they are no longer a benefit to the world of racing. I found an interesting site today.

My thoughts: When you can put an end to this debate by banning horse racing, I’m all for it. But I’m not one of those addicted to gambling that’s keeping it around. It’s people like you that destroy the world – get help.

It is not necessary to ruin the life of an innocent creature just for your own satisfaction. Let them run free in a large pasture, ride them casually, love them. Treat them as you would treat yourself.


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