Seattle Animal Shelter Furry 5k

My mom and I just signed up for the Seattle Animal Shelter’s annual Furry 5k race. I’m really excited because not only do I get exercise, but I’m also raising money for an extremely important cause!

There are already so many abandonded pets, but now more than ever, as so many families are losing their homes to foreclosures, pets are being surrendered to shelters, abandoned on the streets or even left to starve in locked-up houses. Thanks to organizations like the Seattle Animal Shelter, who rescues these animals, treats them with veterinary care, and adopts them out to new homes, some pets can still enjoy their lives in a warm, comfortable, loving environment – because each and every living domesticated creature deserves that.

“The Furry 5k raises money for the Help the Animals Fund, which provides veterinary care and supplies for sick, injured or abused orphaned shelter animals. The Seattle Animal Shelter takes in nearly 8,000 animals annually. Of those, many receive the lifesaving care they need thanks to the generous donations of individuals and companies. The HTAF is an integral part of saving lives – with annual veterinary expenses of approximately $100,000, every dollar raised counts!”

This topic really hits home for me. I received Gracie from an animal shelter several years ago. Gracie has changed my life – she is my life. She’s the most amazing little seven pounds of fluff! She can sense when I’m sad, she knows when I’m happy, and she can definitely make me laugh cause she’s such a goof ball. she’s always there, right next to me. It makes me wonder how someone so heartless can give up something so perfect? No matter what my situation will be, she will continue to be right next to me. She has given me nothing but unconditional love, and I will give that to her in return.

My parents also adopted a rescue pup. Bailey – what a little trouble maker! No matter how much trouble that little guy gets into, they have accepted him with open, loving arms. He will also be with them forever.


My mom is affiliated with Golden Retriever Rescue, and forwarded me this poem she received from them. It’s perfect for those who have adopted…

I Adopted Your Pet Today!

I adopted your pet today… The one you left at the pound; The one you
had for ten years And no longer wanted around.
I adopted your pet today… Did you know that he’s lost weight? Did
you know he’s scared and depressed And seems to have lost all faith?
I adopted your pet today… He had fleas and a little cold; Guess you
don’t care what shape he’s in. You abandoned him I am told.
I adopted your pet today… Were you having a baby or moving away? Did
you suddenly develop allergies, Or was there NO reason he couldn’t stay?
I adopted your pet today… He doesn’t play or even eat much; I guess
he’s very sad inside and It’ll take time for him to trust.
I adopted your pet today… And here he is going to stay; He’s found his
FOREVER home And a warm bed in which to lay.
I adopted your pet today… And shall give him all that he will need
Patience, love, and security, So he can forget your selfish deed.

~Author Unknown~

For more information, to donate to the Seattle Animal Shelter, or to register for this event, click on the following link. Furry 5k


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