Cruetly-Free Products

I recently started using Alba products because they are made of natural ingredients, such as plant proteins and sea enzymes, but more importantly, they are against animal testing!

“We share your concern that animals not be used to test cosmetics, toiletries and household products. We do not test our products or ingredients on animals, nor do we ask others to do so for us. Furthermore, we require that all our ingredient suppliers meet the same criteria of no animal testing.”

It’s quite interesting actually; since making the change to cruelty-free products, my skin has never looked and felt better. Funny how that works. Thank you Alba, and all of the other organizations that do not test their products on animals. I do not think it’s necessary, when there are so many homeless people on the street in San Francisco. ;D

I receive my weekly updates from PETA, and though I think some things they do are a bit extreme, I also appreciate their efforts to really change the lives of every living creature.

“Protests and Boycotts Have Stopped Some Animal Testing
In response to these widespread practices, advocacy groups like HSUS and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) campaign vigorously to eliminate or reduce the use of animals in product testing, even recommending boycotts of companies that continue to voluntarily engage in what they argue is both cruel and unnecessary. This advocacy has been effective, as more than 500 cosmetic, personal care and household cleaning product manufacturers have vowed to stop testing their products on animals.” EarthTalk

Take a look at this shopping guide for more cruelty-free products. There’s plenty to choose from, so no reason to support animal testing, when it’s absolutely unnecessary.

Cruelty Free Shopping Guide


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