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The news is a jumbled pile of depressing stories; one, after another, after another. Until the election, I stopped watching it, it only brought me anger and confusion. I initially thought because I removed cable from my life, I would be detached from the world, but the only thing I really missed was The Girls Next Door. Thank goodness for The Girls Next Door!

Have you met Wednesday? If not, let me introduce you…

Playboy actually has their own radio show… and Friday’s are the “Bridgette and Wednesday Friday Show.”

Anyway, back to the news! There’s a saying out there, “Ignorance is bliss?” Being ignorant isn’t always such a bad thing. CBS news recently covered a story regarding puppy mills.

“According to a report by the Humane Society of the United States, many stores of the Ohio-based Petland Inc. pet store chain support puppy mills while telling customers the dogs come only from good breeders.”

If you’re not sure what a puppy mill is, let me explain. Puppy Mills are like the factory of dog breeding. They produce purebred puppies in large numbers. These puppies are sold either directly to the public through the Internet, newspaper ads, at the mill itself, or are sold to brokers and pet shops across the country. They are often overbred or inbred, with minimal veterinary care, poor quality of food and shelter, lack of socialization with humans, overcrowded cages, and the killing of unwanted animals.

It was estimated in 1994 by Time Magazine, that as many as 25% of purebred dogs were afflicted with serious genetic problems.

My mom continues to remind me there are good people and breeders out there. There are people out there fighting against these puppy mills, and I highly encourage you to take a look at this petition site for more information, and help them out if you have a minute to spare…

If you’re looking for a new pet, definitely take these points into consideration.

1. please, please, please do your research. Please check EVERY possible source that you can to make sure you are receiving exactly the pet you are signing up for. This includes, but is not limited to, everything from the parents of the animal, the previous owners (If the dog has been given to a shelter), and the reason for them giving their pet up.

2. If at all possible, try to adopt a dog from your local SPCA, Humane Society or rescue organization. These are safe, helpful and thorough organizations, in which you will find mixed breeds, as well as purebreds.

3. If you feel it’s necessary to go to a breeder, buy from a reputable breeder. Never take their word for it though, and make sure they can provide references, and the proof of tests for genetic diseases. BEFORE singing any papers, take a look at their environment, and make sure it’s clean with plenty of room for the dogs to run and play. With that being said, find a breeder close to home. Also be sure to ask the breeder to email, fax or mail the puppy’s pedigree (if it’s not made up yet, have them fax the mother and father’s pedigree. A breeder that does not agree to this should be a warning to you and you should be very wary of such breeders.

4. Often puppy mills will advertise a super cute puppy on their front page. Be aware, cause though the puppy looks great, underneath it all, it could have a lot of issues. Don’t fall in love BEFORE you do the research!

5. USE YOUR SOURCES! Friends and family who have had a good experience with a breeder, a veterinarian in your area, etc.

The more information you are able to dig up, the better, so that you and your future pet, will have a long, healthy life together.


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